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That’s a huge reason there’s so much interest in her memoir: People want to read Sharapova’s take on 13 years of losses to Williams and find out whether she thinks she’s capable of beating Williams again.Maria Sharapova is an entertaining tennis player — but more so off the court than on.At Wimbledon in 2004, that up-and-comer was Maria Sharapova.Sharapova, then 17, was touted as the next big thing — a blonde, Siberian-born, Nick Bollettieri-trained ball striker with a peacock-like grunt who could hit as hard as anyone on the women’s tour.But the most fascinating part of the book might not be the gossip and speculation about Williams that Sharapova indulges in, but rather what it reveals about how Sharapova views and presents herself as an underdog and a victim.When you compare what Sharapova says to reality, it seems clear that being pitted against Williams has helped her benefit from their feud, in the form of lucrative endorsement deals, magazine spreads, and preferential treatment at professional tournaments.

While Sharapova’s memoir is supposed to give her take on women’s tennis’s most famous feud, it doubles as a clear example of how the sport has often treated the two oppositely and unfairly.

The next great tennis rivalry had arrived — or so many people thought.

However, Sharapova’s 2004 win at the WTA Tour Championships was the last time she won a professional match against Williams.

To understand the depth of the Sharapova-Williams feud, it’s important to understand that at any given moment, the game of tennis tends to revolve around a single player.

For long stretches in both men’s and women’s tennis, one player has usually become the face of the game.

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