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So, go through her profile carefully and if you like it send her a message using our FREE messaging service.

In online matrimony, your first message is what will create or spoil your image in the eyes of your prospective match.

But always make sure to support your compliment with a genuine fact to appear more believable.

For example: “I went through your profile and noticed your love for cooking in your free time.

Even if in a few years life looks different or you feel different to how you did when you married.

Our relationship has experienced many changes over the years as we moved to New York City from Sydney (and started over), changed jobs, had shifts in income, and decided for now to not have children.

No one wants to create a bad first impression and lose out on that pretty girl you would like to know more about.When drafting your first message you need to strike the perfect balance between being formal and informal.Remember, you are not writing an official message/mail, therefore please do not refer the girl with would make you appear cheesy and she might block you too.The goal as a couple is that no topic is off the table for discussion.This means that, with your teammate beside you, almost anything can be overcome.

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