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It’s money given in a red envelope for holidays or special occasions like weddings.

We Chat digitized this tradition and brought into their app to create a fun, delightful experience of person to person payments.

(You can see who “won” each Lucky Money round.)In 2012, We Chat introduced official accounts (brands, publications), which have the ability to push articles/broadcast messaging for users. These official accounts can embed a link to an article which is hosted on We Chat platform.

They open up in a web view which is “controlled, fast, clean, and safe.”What kind of content is most popular?

This charity aimed to get users to pledge and contribute steps.

By the end of this campaign, We Chat users combined for 168 billion steps, and raised the equivalent of 5 million USD.“This is the equivalent of a one day trip to Mars.

Daily actives grew 49% last year, and 64% this year.

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which included key and founding members of the We Chat product and engineering teams who shared product insights and data outside of China for the first time.

Daily usage growth continues to accelerate — their daily actives are growing at a faster rate than their monthly actives.

We Chat has a 93% saturation rate in first-tier cities.

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