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The magazines that published them are gone, interest in them has waned.

Perhaps most destructive of all, when advanced graphics began to become common on computers such as the Apple, a lot of them were "converted" to run specifically on those computers.

Thus, hopefully, the programs are titled with the proper authors.

Readers will note that the "More Basic Computer Games", the sequel to the collection, does not appear here.

The Creative Computing collection was received from helpful people on the net, and those sources restored to original condition as referenced to the original book.

Because the collection was restored from modified sources, it is still possible to find errors or differences from the original program. I have tried to stay as close to the original, as determined by the book, as possible.

However, I was able to obtain a collection of the programs in a archive file meant for CP/M users (probally for Microsoft Basic-80).

The original book is available online: And on Amazon:

Some were not so useful, such as printing control characters here and there.

Acting as a computer historian, I "unmodified" the games to create the original games as they appeared in the book.

That fact usually brings yawns until you note that this was where Microsoft got their start, beginning with a couple of college drop outs and ending. Passed from hand to hand, copied without a care, even from the writers of the programs themselves. [1] To be fair, the "golden age" of simple line oriented basic started in 1964, with the Dartmouth timeshare system, and continued though minicomputer Basics.

in amazingly short time all things considered, with an empire that could purchase outright several small countries. In fact, some of the microcomputer Basic games here are recodes of games running on those systems.

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