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What would it mean to nurses who are themselves living in abusive/violent relationships, or other women living with abuse/violence whom nurses meet in the course of their work, if this topic could be discussed in informed and supportive ways?It is imperative that nurses are prepared to educate themselves, and confront their fears, values and beliefs, while working towards creating an environments for this to occur.But as well as understanding what domestic violence is, nurses require some insight into the nature of these relationships.Such relationships are not about isolated incidents of physical violence followed by long periods of harmony.Rather, they are extremely stressful, with women investing significant energy in preventing violent episodes, maintaining peace and harmony, caring for children while protecting them from the impact of the abuse/violence, as well as living with the fear of precarious personal safety.Very often women do not share this aspect of their relationship with others, or if they do, are often not believed and therefore unable to get the help and support they need.Significantly, many women do not want the relationship to end; but they do however want the violence to stop.

We owe our children—the most vulnerable citizens in any society—a life free from violence and fear.

In a recent women's safety survey, 79% of women who had experienced physical assault and 81.25% who had experienced sexual assault had not sought any professional help.

The range of barriers to disclosing domestic violence include: When women do tell someone about the violence, few approach domestic violence services of the police.

Men can also be victims of this violence, but evidence indicates the majority of victims are women, and it is women who are more likely to suffer health consequences.

It is also known that such violence occurs across all cultural and socio-economic groups.

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Some responses to assist successful communication in these circumstances could include: Nurses can play an important role in working toward the creation of a violence free community but they must first become informed.

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