New methods of dating archaeology

By The Siberian Times reporter A young boy was laid to rest all alone with two iron knives, his feet trampling on reindeer bones, wearing an elaborate headdress decorated with iron rings. The geometric earthworks of southwestern Amazonia have raised the interest within the scientific community as well as the media and the general public, and they have been explored recently by several...The ancient city of Aspendos was a major commercial center in Roman times.The Soundshed Analysis Tool is derived from an earlier modeling script “SPre AD-GIS” developed by environmental scientist Sarah Reed to measure the impact of noise on natural environments, such as national forests.That tool was itself adapted from SPre AD, or “the System for the Prediction of Acoustic Detectability,” a method the U. Forest Service devised in 1980 to predict the impact of noise on outdoor recreation.What can our ears tell us about the way the Anasazi, or Ancestral Puebloan, people lived in New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon more than a thousand years ago?Chaco Canyon was the center of ancestral Puebloan civilization .To add a new dimension to our understanding of this time and place, we investigated how sounds were experienced at these sites.

These sounds could be heard from close by, and perhaps coming from distant locations as well.

This gives us a way to visualize the sounds people would have experienced as they moved through the landscape, going about their day.

A soundshed map shows how the noise of a person shouting from Pueblo Alto (marked 3) would spread through the vicinity.

The Soundshed Analysis Tool requires seven input variables, a study location and elevation data.

Variables include the sound source height, frequency of the sound source, sound pressure level of the source, the measurement distance from the source, air temperature, relative humidity and the ambient sound pressure level of the study location.

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To explore sound physics and its application to archaeology, we first developed an Excel spreadsheet.

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