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Okay people I care about this because Nick is such a sweet young man, but Miley is a loud outgoing girl, i mean she is sweet but, after how she broke Nick's heart by saying that she only liked him in the Summer,her exact words"It was only a Summer Fling" I mean if you like someone don't like them only during a certain time period, so now she wants him back after she broke his heart?

Yeah don't think so, but that is my opinion Child stars are about the only segment of the celebrity world that hasn't gotten 100% entirely shoved into the tabloid world (they have their share, but they do seem to get a slight reprieve for being kids).

During an interview with “I don’t have a relationship with her now really, but that’s not because we have any bad blood — we just sort of run in different circles,” he confessed.

The “Closer” singer also showed his admiration for his former lover who has changed a lot through time.

That being said, if TMZ isn't splashing her every move in the limelight, then producers/agents/managers are free to invent what they want.

This could be true, but it sounds like it would be easy for Disney to engineer this rumor for extra visibility of their tween stars... Case in point: Lance Bass outed HIMSELF after years of being a teen idol.....

"I, at some point, need to be able to look at it with a positive angle because it does suck that my 13- to 20-year-old years are like, come with a lot of regret, almost. That's getting really real." Jonas will release his next solo album on June 10 and will embark on the Future Now Tour this summer with longtime pal Demi Lovato.

It seems that Liam Hemsworth has nothing to worry about because the possibility of Miley Cyrus cheating on him with Nick Jonas is pretty slim.

The “Chains” singer admitted that he has no plans of finding a girlfriend contrary to , Nick Jonas claimed that he is taking a break from dating and focus more on his career.

In April, they were spotted holding hands at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California.

It’s only natural for people to gravitate romantically to those they’re often around, which means co-stars dating co-stars is just inevitable.

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