No subscriptions no payments and no credit payments for sex dating rules for college students

i could have claimned council tax but couldnt be doing with any more intrusion in my personal business., They always say "random" check - that's what they're told to say.

But compliance means just that - you comply with them or they stop your money.

I told them if they had bothered to perform the investigation properly, they would discover that cause someone at the Tax credit office messed up, I went for 3 months with no Tax credits.

The money were loans I was getting in order to help me pay my childcare, and if they checked the date I eventually got paid on my bank statements they would see I had withdrawn the exact amount that went in over that time to pay it back.

It took about 12 weeks for her to start getting payments again.

I took all the paperwork they requested and was there for about 30 minutes. The lady was really nice and just asked me a load of questions off a sheet, like, How many hours will you be working? ) i went through this when my husband and i split up and they came to thehouse to ask quiestion which bugged me as i had to prove where he was living whereas i saw it as they need to prove that he's living with me!!!Compliance is basically the name for the department that investigate to see if fraud is going on.There were some things I couldn't supply like utility bills as mine are all direct debits, I don't keep direct debit statements if there's nothing wrong with them, I shred them.all in all there were no probs as i provided everything they needed but i did refuse to giv e them a mortage statment as they cost 15.00 for a copy of one from the bank and his name was still on the mortgage as couldnt afford to take it off and he used to pay the mortgage rather than be hoinest i dont see that its their business if you work out an amicable payment scheme with your ex partner - i wasnt claiming any benefits, council tax or income support.

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know one will As your daughter is at university you are no longer entitled to receive money for her so will be told to pay it back.

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