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You can also manually your time zone information using the free Microsoft tool: Windows Time Zone Editor Alternatively, the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools reportedly includes a command line tool for advanced users.I have configured Net Time to provide time to other systems, but it's not working: Ensure that the Windows Time Service is disabled along with any other NTP servers that may be running.Most settings should be fairly self explanatory, however some people have asked for clarification on certain settings: Max Free Run: Indicates how long the program will run for without getting a valid sync before it considers the local time to no longer be accurate.Once this time period expires, the tray icon will change to a cross and if it's configured to act as a time server, it will stop responding to requests for the time.Always provide time: Enabling this option isn't recommended.

If you're not using Net Time as a time server, disabling the Windows Time Service is optional, but there shouldn't be any harm in disabling it to save a bit of RAM.Net Time is syncing, but the time is out by an hour - e.g.Daylight savings time isn't be honoured correctly: Net Time works internally with UTC (Universal Time) and doesn't have any code for handling daylight savings or time zones.As long as Windows is configured correctly, it should automatically handle daylight savings changes for you.If Windows isn't handling it correctly, it most likely needs to be updated.

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