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The URL, including REST action is typically static; and could reasonable be ‘guessed’.And as same-origin only applies to HTTP GET request, it is also possible to send PUT/POST/DELETE requests that originate from the malicious site.Thus: preserving the authentication state after initial authentication is needed to avoid the processing and elapse time for the authentication protocol handling, and to prevent unhappy users.User-friendliness and security are often in contradiction.Without it, each request send from browser would first need to go through the authentication protocol with the remote webapplication, involving browser redirects, identity stores.And in case of username/password browser logon, the user would have to reenter his/her credentials over and over again.

As stated above, a CSRF attack depends on the ability for malicious site to automatically construct a malicious request, that next the user is somehow lured into sending to the trusting site, and that is well-crafted to mislead the trusting site that the request is with the approval of the authenticated user.Misleading the trusting site that the request comes with approval from the authenticated and authorized user, while in fact it originates from a malicious site. The success of CSRF attacks depends on 3 factors: The first factor is common exploited by social engineering.The user is somehow seduced to load javascript code from the malicious site into the current browser session, without the user even be aware.Although the quality of both security measures increases (Note that this factor is only present if the consumption of the webservices is via a browser.In case of a native application, and also in case of an embedded browser in native App (e.g.

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