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Second Life users (also called residents) create virtual representations of themselves, called avatars, and are able to interact with places, objects, and other avatars.They can explore the world (known as the grid), meet other residents, socialize, participate in both individual and group activities, build, create, shop and trade virtual property and services with one another.Although he was familiar with the metaverse of Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash, Rosedale has said that his vision of virtual worlds predates that book, and that he conducted early virtual world experiments during his college years at the University of California, San Diego, where he studied physics.s poster child and symbol for the economic opportunities that the virtual world offers to its residents.At the same time, the service saw a period of exponential growth of its user base.A single resident account may have only one avatar at a time, although the appearance of this avatar can change between as many different forms as the Resident wishes.Avatar forms, like almost everything else in Second Life, can be either created by the user, or bought pre-made.It can also be argued that Second Life is a multi-user virtual world, because the virtual world is centered around interaction between multiple users.

Since then, users aged 16 and over can sign up for a free account.

There is no charge for creating a Second Life account or for making use of the world for any period of time.

Linden Lab reserves the right to charge for the creation of large numbers of multiple accounts for a single person (5 per household, 2 per 24 hours) but at present does not do so.

Certain accounts created during an earlier period may receive L0.

This stipend, if changed into USD, means that the actual cost for the benefit of extended tech support for an annual payment of US is only about US, depending on the currency exchange rates.

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