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Shamrock Club provides employment training, financial counseling, 12-step and substance abuse counseling, (and meals). Most (not all) of the shelters in town will tell you that you need to be referred by the Homeless Hotline, so you can save yourself some time by calling the above number or visiting their downtown location first.

(800 North Tucker.) counseling and support groups for victims of domestic abuse, dating violence, sexual assault or rape. Also, prevention education workshops and discussion groups for middle and high school students.

CHADS offers a variety of suicide and bullying prevention programs, including SOS (Signs of Suicide).

Visit their website for Community Awareness and Family Support resources for students, educators and parents.

Check the website above for more information or contact any of the locations below. Seven Signature Medical Group OB/GYN offices participate in this comprehensive program for pregnant women who are Medicaid-eligible.Mostly domestic issues, cases involving paternity, orders of protection, guardianship, and abuse.CLAM also offers services for immigrant populations who face challenges in filing governmental documents.Many additional support services geared to improve outcomes for both mother and baby. Call or visit their website for locations and more information.Provides affordable, professional Christian counseling and mental health services for the St. Locations in Olivette, South County, Florissant, and Lake St. Provides a full range of counseling services, regardless of ability to pay. Articles and information regarding behavioral health topics may be found on their website.*** FEATURED WEBSITE: Check CHADS for an impressive listing of mental health resources, including a PDF that may be printed out and numerous links to other websites.

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