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Hula-Girl has not at all lost her faith in people and never generalizes the scam experience and she continues being interested in meeting new people.- vcitims who have friends, colleagues and grown up kids right after they realize the scam are LUCKY.But she still talks to her old mugu, adds him on Skype again etc. I always get the shiveries at these points because they are usually the start of a flashback and suddenly, the old dreams and feeling of betrayal are back again.I guess I have understimated that in the victims´ minds, "X" is the scammer but the "hotel manager" and the "Ghana police" and other obvious associates are not - so they are not ignored, no matter how often I say "ignore the scammer", because for them they are not the scammer = the message writer.Many have reported this in Support Advice, that they are missing the chat time and the (fake) attention.The RPO search and dreams about RPO are a recurring subject even after more than half a year.Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.

Now she feels that somehow, the media might have taken advantage of her somewhat, she does not see her as helpful in this but is glad to have done it in order to help raise public awareness a bit and considers everything worth the trouble.Only very very gradually, meeting real men in her town becomes more important to her.In the latter dozen of pages, this is about 80% what she writes about. She has always stayed open to getting to know new people and never generalizes the scam towards something like "All Africa scams!skimming other dating sites´ picture galleries and even registering there just to find out. Much heartbreak that followed after the scam could have been prevented if...- victims cry while reading through the healing process topic because they recognize themselves by 90% - they also cry during their first post - that´s why it is so hard squeezing info and facts out off them, NOT because they are indifferent. - victims "naturally" carry on with online dating and get to know and meet new people besides, which may help them out a bit easier, or not.

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