Online dating site for ugly people

We see ugly people too, but they're not the main actors.

They're the dishwashers, the janitors, or the bad guys!

If you are poor, do you have more chances of being ugly and dumb??

There are a few things to keep in mind when online dating: 1) A picture says a thousand words, 2) if you're looking for something very specific, go for a niche site and 3) know thyself.

Our strict rules and natural selection process ensures all our members have winning looks. Motto: Singles With Food Allergies is a unique on-line singles community!

Nowhere else will you find so many divorced, never-married or widowed individuals whose lives are all affected by food allergies.

Rich don't mich with poor, Smart don't mix with dumd, Nice don't mixe with ugly. Secondly, I already explained that it was going to sound worse than it was meant. Edit: Your brand spanking new on here and decide to attack me???? I find that sometimes the ugliest people have personalities that make them much more attractive than a lot of people.

Second of all, founder Howard James’ quote is the funniest ever: “It’s a sad fact that up to half of the UK is made up of ugly people yet amazingly nobody has ever thought of providing a dating service for them.” The rules are strict: attractive singletons are not allowed!

But isn’t a dating site for “the aesthetically challenged” kind of … True, they are a self-selecting group, who willingly put themselves on there.

Dating Site Spawns Sperm Bank For Beautiful People The site's founder, Howard James, had an epiphany that led to the creation of the site: "It's a sad fact that up to half of the UK is made up of ugly people yet, amazingly, nobody has ever thought of providing a dating service for them." While I disagree with his assessment, as looks are on a bit of a bell curve and most of us fit into the 4 to 7 "average" range, I appreciate the need to exploit this market.

5 Ways Online Dating Changed In A Decade On the other hand, this could be shortsighted.

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