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It’s natural to find someone else sexually attractive, and as humans, we’re selfish and ambitious, whether it’s about money or sex.We all want what we can’t have and that increases the sexual tension and desire.Many people walk out of the marriage at times like these because they feel they aren’t experiencing the happiness they truly deserve in a relationship.And a few months later, after experiencing a lot of happiness *having sex with anything that walks* outside the relationship, they realize that their own partner was the nicest person in the world and try pleading their way back into old love.

If you and your partner love each other, but the sexual frustration is tearing the relationship apart, then perhaps an open relationship is just for you.And today, America is crescendoing into a divorce orgasm with almost half of all first marriages ending badly. But we’ll talk about something most people are doing to save their marriage.Somewhere along the path of wedlock, a few clever sexual exploiters came up with a fancy way to twist the sacraments of matrimony. But is it the best way to keep a relationship going gung ho? A lot of couples are actually opting for an open relationship over the traditional one. An open relationship can be defined as any relationship in which the emotional connection is exclusive, but the physical intimacy isn’t.Are open relationships the new way to keep a marriage alive?As tempting as it can seem, a sexually exciting open relationship could work for some couples, but not for all. The definition of a relationship is simple, but yet, it’s one that constantly changes with time, and with people. The only way to experience anything out of the sexual ordinary when you’re in wedlock was infidelity. In recent years, men and women have started interacting a lot more, at work, at parties, social gatherings at home, and even online in social networking sites like Facebook. There are a lot of reasons for the failing romance and we won’t get into it here.

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