Ouran highschool host club dating game dating tests for men

I huff exceedingly annoyed and entirely jumbled at his uninforming, unadorned response.

For a moment, I'm extremely confused and then I remember that I had just spoken out loud to my deceased mother.

Mori-Senpai stares emotionlessly at me for a moment and in the second that I take my eyes off him, I catch an inaudible sigh leaving his mouth."Mum, are you seeing this from heaven?

This is where that broken expensive vase has led me to." I whisper as I run one hand over my pale, exhausted face.

I roll my eyes, not at all in the mood to explain myself to them.

They don't need to know that I've been talking to my mother almost every day since my young self, accepted that she was not on Earth anymore."So. " I inquire, dropping my heavy bag of textbooks onto the marble flooring next to a luxurious couch that I then relax on the couch, my head lessening against the gorgeous white velvet.

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Kyoya-Senpai is always three steps ahead of everyone else so I'm certain that he has already figured out the solution to this big dilemma.

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