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The warmer months also present a unique opportunity to plan some creative dates that will strengthen your romantic relationship, whether you’re seeing someone new or practically married (or, you know, actually married). You know how knocking back a couple beers can make date night a bit more fun?Well, catching some rays with your significant other actually boosts the production of hormones that improve mood, giving you that buzzed, feel-good vibe we all love.Plus dining al fresco is a bit out of the ordinary and mysterious. “This is a great outdoor date because it creates adrenaline and arousal that can transfer to your relationship,” Orbuch explains.Both good ingredients for some added passion in a relationship! “Any activity that creates arousal, particularly outdoors with fresh air, can help to reignite a couple’s passion and excitement.

“These activities allow couples to escape from their daily lives and appreciate all that nature has to offer,” says Orbuch.And don’t sweat it if you don’t have an MLB stadium nearby. “One of my favorite summertime traditions is going to minor league games with my boyfriend,” says Sarah from Pennsylvania.“Since the seats are cheap we can actually sit close enough to see the field and there are always fun events going on.If she shows up in a dress and heels, she’ll be miserable.” “In my opinion, the perfect warm-weather date would be something on the water.Maybe a late afternoon boat ride with some fishing and dinner,” says Cassandra of North Carolina.

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“Once you download the Geocaching app, you look for a set of GPS coordinates in your area.

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