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has Stephen Tyler (Aerosmith), Pitbull, and Beyonce (Beyonce-she’s just awesome enough I have to list her twice) in it, and I just can’t help but wonder “are those really the best the three best actors you could have come up with? Voice acting is not the same as regular acting and a lot of A-list Hollywood types who sign onto these animated films just aren’t good at it.Besides who in their right mind thinks “well, this has the voice of Colin Farrell so I just have to see it? Geekgasms: Two (I’m going to check out the reviews before committing to this one.)FRIDAY JUNE 7 Remember when people liked movies by M. It feels like decades ago, and it kind of was since was due out this June until looking at a list of movies online.Suits often forget that what works for Batman doesn’t work for the Big Blue Boy Scout.I don’t want a “gritty” Superman, I want a colorful Kryptonian who punches stuff, and I want a movie that doesn’t take its self too seriously.Pagan groups like The Church of All Worlds have Science Fiction in their DNA, in the case of CAW it’s Robert Heinlein’s , so I’m not going to get into every movie coming out this summer, but I’m going to try and hit what I hope are the high points.Anticipation for each film is measured in geekgasms, which translates to my own personal excitement level, usually measured by how often I watch a trailer and how many pairs of boxer shorts I own related to a movie franchise.

Superman has a fantastic rogues gallery, how hard would it be to give as an alien invasion Superman movie with Braniac? With the exception of Batman, everything DC Comics touches on the silver screen comes out poorly..(For the record I have more Batman boxers than anything else.) I’ll be going through the films on my list chronologically, from May 3 through Labor Day.If you were hoping to run into a great Pagan debate today, you’ve come to the wrong place.It had the feel of classic Trek, but felt a bit more up to date.I do think a bit of Gene Rodenberry’s utopian-future-vision was lost a long the way, but I’d rather see some changes than see Star Trek fade into the dustbin of pop-culture history.

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  1. As you read profiles, responses to emails, have phone conversations, and meet in person your instincts help tell you if something is "right" or if something is out of alignment.