Parents against interracial dating

At the cross, it appeared as if Satan had won and Christ had been defeated. Most can comprehend the phrase “be strong,” but the “in the Lord” part can be confusing — yet it’s the most important part of the phrase.

Christ knew the end result, and he lived with that end in mind. I think there are a few ways a Christian interracial couple can be and remain strong .

I stress “potentially” since often it is assumed that people of different ethnicities are automatically opposites.

When engaging the topic of interracial dating, we must recognize that no ethnicity is monolithic.

It would be unwise and unfruitful to pull the race card hastily when a family has legitimate concerns about an interracial relationship.

I realize that few families will come right out and say that race is their main concern.

I have experienced situations where smoke screens went up when race was, in fact, the real issue.Therefore, don’t be ashamed of your godly interracial relationship, and continue to commit it to Jesus.You may be tempted to avoid talking about your relationship with the disapproving family or cut your significant other out of stories because you know the family disapproves.To enter a marriage in order to prove someone wrong is selfish and unloving to everyone involved. The Christian is willing to forfeit battles for the love of all involved.Sometimes when an interracial couple finds themselves going against a family’s wishes, they get so entangled in winning the battle that they lose sight of what’s important — God and each other.

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