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Tina and Erica head to the Bahamas to perform and celebrate their birthdays, and learn devastating news about their dad's health.

Erica and Tina's Fall Tour may be their last performance as Mary Mary, but will their magical chemistry on stage and sisterly love keep them together?

The family is overjoyed when Tina gives birth to her son, Santana, but that isn't the only major change in the world of the Marys.

Erica travels to Atlanta for her first solo performance, which falls flat.

Tina battles Teddy long-distance and is preoccupied with her marriage.

Erica's manager, Kenneth, wants her to focus on her solo career.

Reality TV's most explosive couples rock Boot Camp including a Teen Mom and a powder keg duo from Shahs of Sunset. A divorce bombshell and a surprise guest shocks all! Erica's vocal issues threaten a Mary Mary performance in Manchester. Erica and Tina both go after their solo projects full force, but Tina has an epic meltdown moments before her big solo show - only Teddy can help because Erica is on tour. Tina's confession on the radio about Teddy's infidelities leaves Erica panicked that her sister is hurting the Mary Mary brand.

Tina's mess-up costs Warryn money, and Erica nearly collapses from exhaustion.

Tina and Erica's father, Eddie Atkins, Jr., passes away.Pepa pumps up the jam with Salt-N-Pepa to a sold-out crowd while her hairdresser spills juicy tea! A cryptic text sparks a brawl when Romeo visits his hometown in NOLA.Romeo returns and finds himself at odds with his father. Jealousy and infidelity run rampant when the couples are forced to watch their partners flirt at a singles mixer.With their relationships on life support, the couples stare death in the face when forced to pull the plug on their partners. Tina & Erica's solo singles are in direct competition, building tensions and sabotaging Warryn's desperate plan to bring Mary Mary back together.A brutally honest letter to widowed single mother Juelia comes back to haunt JJ. Then a miraculous Divine Intervention shocks the entire family!

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While Erica is touring and unavailable for her sister, a frustrated "New" Tina tries to keep the "Old" Tina at bay while planning her wedding and meeting Teddy's estranged father for the very first time.

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