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Sorry to disagree with all of you, but as a Packer fan since the 60's, I will take the last 10 years over the the years from 1970-1992 when there were multiple coaches and GM's.

I like the fact that every year I know the Pack should be in the hunt and possible win the SB if, like every other team, they have things go the right way.

Matthews and Peppers should be banned for life from football activities for taking things to make them better.

Since they last won it, they have had serious setbacks.

Winning games is great, but if you aren't challenging for titles then you are just spinning your wheels.

Since then they have only made 1 other serious run to the SB, that's it.

As I said, winning is great but in the end the goal is the SB and I truly believe that the talent has been there for multiple deep runs and we have just not seen them. I think it happens more with the Packers than others.

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So I don't have a problem with people saying that Mc Carthy or other members of the staff need to go if the job isn't getting done.

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