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Rapid changes in temperature and pressure not only occurred at the time of creation, but also there is evidence of enormous explosions from the center of the Earth that occurred at the time of Noah's flood, such as mountains, meteors, dinosaurs and mammoths, with fossils of all creatures mixed together in the Grand Canyon and Badlands Niagara Falls, radioactive isotope heat produced at the time of Noah's Flood along with meteors returning to Earth with Earth-like bacteria in them Scientists are quick to believe in evolution by accepting natural selection as proof of evolution although natural selection does not prove change from one species to another.They are quick to accept gravity as the warping of space because the atmosphere of the sun bends the light of a star, the same as a prism.Creation science shows that helium production via radioactive isotope nuclear decay in these same rocks gives a discrepancy of millions to billions of years from conventional radioactive isotope nuclear decay measurements.In 1982 Robert Gentry discovered high levels of radioisotope nuclear-decay-produced helium in zircons that may or may not have occurred about six thousand years ago.But due to intense heat and temperature changes this dating method then falsely indicates billions of years, all of which happened over a seven-day period. Laing All rights reserved Intelligent Design The Unique Properties of Water The Niels Bohr Atom Model The Speed of Light The Carbon Atom Model and Diamond Picture Antimatter, Big Bang and Black Holes 37 Facts of Creation vs.Creation science discovered rapid nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes resulting in radiometric error in dating using carbon 14 dating that occurred and the time of creation and the time of Noah's Ark of Mt. This shrinks the time scale of conventional dating down to the Biblical time of creation.

Ararat Creation science and the Institute for Creation Research discovered rapid nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes in rocks and errors in carbon 14 dating that indicate that a rapid decay of radioisotopes in rocks occurred at two different times in the past.Results of such errors have continuously showed up in carbon dating, where fresh specimens were dated at thousands of years of age.Creation Scientists have proven that there was a rapid decay of Carbon 14 at the time of the flood.Residual C in diamonds refutes the contamination thesis.The faulty lab techniques argument is overcome by the Institute for Creation Research by AMS (accelerated mass spectrometry), which leaves a young Earth as the only explanation.

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Since radioactive carbon is a transient element, evolutionists cannot prove that it existed when the earth was created.

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