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Here, they break down the benefits and downsides of the nine most popular health trends this year, and whether you should rethink your approach next time you detox.Amy Shapiro, registered nutritionist, dietitian and founder of Real Nutrition in New York City, said that these bowls are full of antioxidants.We've all been there: you took it too far last weekend, so now it's time to be 'healthy'. Registered nutritionist Amy Shapiro and registered dietitian Maria Bella warn many of today's top trends are loaded with sugar and calories, which throw your diet off balance.

There can be a lot of hidden sugars and fats in the granola that you purchase from the store.

So avoid using too much avocado and add other ingredients such as eggs, smoked salmon or sunflower seeds to boost the benefits.

'(Granola) can be gluten-free and full of healthy ingredients like nuts, seeds and oats,' Shapiro said.

'(There is) too much sugar from all the added fruit and topping,' Shapiro said.

People have to pay attention to the ingredients when they are buying one at a store or restaurant because it could increase your sugar levels quickly.

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