Rekindling a dating relationship

You’ve freshly fallen for someone new and are having amazing sex, the best dates, and every adventure with them is exciting. The sex gets boring, your dates become routine, and you’re far too comfortable with them for anything to be exciting.

There’s just something about getting too comfortable with someone that takes all the fire out of a relationship—which sucks! Don’t you want to feel like you’re a lovesick teenager again? Not all relationships that get past the honeymoon phase are doomed forever—obviously.

So for those who just can’t forget their lost love, the ‘one who got away’ needn’t be gone for good.

If you’ve ever gone through the honeymoon phase with anyone, you know I’m right.

But if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, you may need some outside help to get things back on the track of fun and excitement. We’ve put together a list of the best ways to rekindle your relationship and bring back the fire that has slowly gone out.

[Read: 15 reasons why most couples get bored with their relationship] #1 Address the problem at hand.

From 1993 to 1996, Kalish conducted a survey of 1001 people who had broken off a relationship and then rekindled the romance at least five years later (though some waited 75 years to reunite.) She found that 72% were still with their ‘lost love’ at the time of the survey, 71% said the reunion was their most intense romance of all time and 61% said that, second time around, the romance started faster than any other relationship.

And while a couples are unlikely to work a second time round if they fought constantly and were unhappy together, prospects are better for those who had no good reason for breaking up in the first place.

There’s no excitement there and definitely no spark.

Try a new restaurant or go do something that neither of you has ever done… Science says that learning something new together brings a couple closer.

Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, research fellow at The Kinsey Institute and scientific advisor to dating site, tells Quartz that couples who attempt a romance a second time around have a lot going for them. And people become nostalgic—the further they get from an experience, the more likely they are to remember all the good parts,” she says.

“Romantic love is like a sleeping cat and can be awakened at any minute.

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Sometimes it’s just a rut, but other times it might be something much more serious than that. They could have done something that put you off or maybe you did something to them. Couples who have lost that spark often just spend too much time together and kind of become numb to each other’s presence.

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