Ridiculous dating advice

Well, unfortunately, men just aren’t asking women out in real life as much anymore, and meeting someone in a bar is just as dangerous or as shallow as on an app.

One person who is doing a lot to change the face of modern dating is Whitney Wolfe, CEO and founder of so-called feminist dating app Bumble.

Bumble is a place to shine, Bumble is a safe place for you to be you and if you are quirky and you are lyrical and you are outgoing, be that in your opener.

Whatever that may be, it might just be that they are kind and loving and compassionate or it might be some of these more external factors that a lot of women care about.

I think you just really see a different group of people and the comparison I have been told is like that of Myspace/Facebook because there is a different approach.

So who better to ask for dating advice than Wolfe herself?

Grazia sat down with the inspiring entrepreneur to get the lowdown on how to make the most of dating apps. However, I would say it's safer than meeting someone at a bar.

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