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His recent films are unified primarily by the fact that they feature directors who are great and mostly unheralded, and characters who are a little scary to play. So far, it appears that Rob Pattinson has killer taste. Edward Cullen’s most notable attribute, besides his looks—powdered face, strong lip, clenched jaw, which would slice through his hand if he rested it there—was his stillness. Just to reiterate: did not exist in any form until Pattinson reached out.Hardly anyone saw any of these movies, and he says he never expected them to. movie, gave him the chance to work with his lifelong hero and favorite director, David Cronenberg, and to try his hand at (a very dark sort of) comedy. The Safdies were in the middle of another movie when they got Pattinson’s note, but they invited him to talk and showed him the finished version of because Josh mentioned them in passing.If you’ve never heard of it, because you were in an underground prison with no access to the outside world, or even other prisoners, a brief recap: It’s about two co-dependent teenagers (one of whom has been a teenager for 100 years) in a super-toxic relationship that unfolds over five movies in the small town of Forks.The blood of this lonely, virginal teenage girl gives off a scent that is like heroin to this teenage vampire who lives there, meaning he wants to eat her but also that he wants to her.By the end of the third movie, they still haven’t slept together.

So it’s settled, says Rob Pattinson, we’re going to a Russian spa in West Hollywood! Let’s sit together in a spa, me in my bathing suit and you, Rob Pattinson, in yours, and you can talk about your workout regimen, and I can tell you about the care and maintenance of my C-section scars! Argh, but a friend told him he’d seen Justin Bieber there, and Pattinson was like, no way, he will not be Bieber-derivative, which I support. He’ll come to where I have coffee every day, at the Able Baker, and we’ll have a latte and a cookie, then haul over to do camp pickup with the kids. I am excited just to bear witness to his enthusiasm for all the ways you could eat the world. He really wants us to walk out of here with an amazing plan. This is roughly his ninth suggestion (I’ve spared you some) for how we might spend our time together, but it’s number one in experimental procedures that are not yet fully FDA-approved. “Yeah,” he says, “if I have a little bit too much, I’ll suddenly think the trapdoor in the bottom of my life is falling.” Plus, too much coffee is like truth serum for him (hey, what if we did truth serum? So far he’s had maybe one and a half fingers of a regular-size cup. “I already feel like I had a speedball.” He lets out a kind of cackling laugh after he says this—head back, launching upward—but it comes out almost like a moon-howl.Fecal transplants probably aren’t something that can be arranged in a day, even when you’re Rob Pattinson. They probably aren’t as easily accessible as a colonic, and at this point who hasn’t done a colonic with a journalist?Anyway, he adds, maybe with some menace, “if we did a swap, I don’t know if you’d be able to handle my shit.”As we continue to discuss ideas for our big something, I bat away my thought about what these ideas also have in common, which is that they all render me incapacitated, unable to ask him any questions, and him unable to answer any.Pattinson, in character as well, tried not so gently to subdue him.“When I find someone who I have an instinct about,” Pattinson says, “who’s going to just push forward, I find it quite easy to completely give myself to that person.

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