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At this point, there is a focused concentration profile at the junction of the two microchannels called "the focusing zone".

In the follow-up video, which shows the injection stage, electric currents are applied along the microchannels, driving ions from the focusing zone into the injection channel of the electrokinetic valve.

Surface tension and wall adhesive forces are often used to transport fluid through microchannels in MEMS devices or to measure, transport and ...

This model simulates an H-shaped micro-cell designed for controlled diffusive mixing.

In many applications the solid surface consists of a thin ...

While diffusional mixing of small molecules (and therefore of rapidly diffusing species) can occur in a ...

Dielectrophoresis (DEP) occurs when a force is exerted on a dielectric particle as it is subjected to a nonuniform electric field.

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Such a device would greatly help the food industry in improving meat quality and reducing the risk for ...

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