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Parents have been issued guidelines from a consumer watchdog on how to protect their Internet-connected baby monitors from hackers.The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) announced on Wednesday that it would be launching an investigation into four unnamed baby monitor manufacturers, following numerous reports of devices being hacked.Now imagine having access to data for all 140 million users and you can see why this is of huge concern.Spiegel Online reports that Mozilla has already removed the WOT extension from its Firefox Add-ons page due to guideline violations.If you are one of the hundreds of millions of people using social networks, there’s a good chance that you are linked to them through an online relationship. Online social networks are websites that allow users to build connections and relationships to other Internet users.

WOT has been around since 2007 and claims to be a "Safe Web Search & Browsing" service.It sounds like a clever way to check whether your favorie sites visit can be trusted.However, the WOT service itself is far from trustworthy.The NDR investigation discovered that while you have the WOT extension installed, extensive data collection is going on in the background.But WOT not only collects and records data on a per-user basis, it then analyzes and sells it on to third parties.

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