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Gayla sat on the couch for hours the first night this guitar got here playing everything from “Whiskey Before Breakfast” to “The Blarney Pilgrim” to “The Christmas Reel.” Pat showed up and played folk and jazz and classical and beyond.

The next day Chris had a folk-rock fest at the office.

Okay, the average guitar player’s car isn’t worth that much, but… We all shook our heads, several times over, but kept coming back to, “How much would you pay for the Holy Grail?

This guitar wants to play, and it wants to play loud, and it wants to play . The use of a capo accentuates the tightness/newness of the tone, but that will loosen up in a few months.

It didn’t take away one iota of bass response, or make the tone any less full.

The dreadnought body shape was introduced by Martin in 1934 as a way to allow guitars to be heard when they were playing with banjos, fiddles and Highland bagpipes. When made with the appropriate woods, they’re also clear, balanced, rich, bassy, brilliant—and did we mention loud? 75-year-old Brazilian is a rare and wondrous thing.

Hence the price tag, which includes two digits followed by three zeros.

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