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So people with lots of money to spend on research think it's a good idea. When I present this information in public, I'm always asked about VPN.

Don't you have to enable DHCP on the server in order to use the server for RRAS or VPN? The VPN service (RRAS) hands out IP addresses to anyone who dials in.

Most of the arguments in favor of putting DHCP on the server make reference to the first kind of firewall. The high-end firewalls can, by definition, do what we need them to do.

The only question is whether we choose to use that function.

Now, really, you could make the firewall a backup DNS controller and have it get info from the server.

But since you're all on the same network, it makes sense to just go to the server. This is particularly true when the server is hosting a variety of functions, such as a Small Business Server.

The third kind of firewall - Universal Plug and Play or UPn P - has evolved only recently. It was published as an international standard in 2008 and has been refined considerably since then.

Note that DHCP will be set up with Dynamic DNS enabled.After the server is finished configuring the firewall with UPn P, the Windows Console collects and displays information about your firewall so you can verify it.To see this information, simply view the Internet connection properties.One of the cool things that UPn P can do is to understand DNS and become a DNS forwarder. Don't get too far ahead of me here, but imagine if the server could automatically configure the UPn P firewall.This discussion will be short and to the point: Put DNS on the Server.

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The primary reason for this is that we ("we" being Windows engineers) find it very convenient to manage DHCP from the same place where we manage DNS.

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