Secret dating places in singapore

Terraced rather than sprawling, it offers plenty of privacy.

Just walk up the quiet, residential Sophia Road and climb up the narrow set of concrete stairs that appear on the right.

Singapore's pretty skyline, gritty nooks and quaint back alleys are great backdrops for making out, whether or not you live with your parents.

Here are some of the classier ones we know, near places you might actually be for a date. There are make-out spots aplenty at this sprawling, leafy arts enclave, but the second floor of the magnificent, colonial-era main building is great late at night, when the galleries on the second floor have closed.

Watch out for: Your favorite Golden Mile place closing because you got too caught up in the moment.

More than the narrow, maze-like streets and low-rise Art Deco buildings, we love the narrow alleys that cut through this estate, with rows of back doors on either side.

Climb up, lean against the balcony railing, all framed by pretty arches, and make your move.

The bay on one side, the glass and light skeleton of The Shoppes on the other, the Helix Bridge ahead (also not a bad spot), a massive concrete lotus flower overhead and an Anish Kapoor sculpture among the lily ponds that surround you.

And you’re welcome in advance, you woody boyfriends who are always trying to be romantic.They’re quaintly pretty and Instagrammable in the daytime, but at night, in the light of streetlamps, they’re quite magical.Great for when: You've just had dinner at Ikyu or Open Door Policy (or the Tiong Bahru Market), or just gotten out of a racy Indig Nation reading at Books Actually.If you have never been to this UNESCO site, what are you waiting for?For those who have already made a visit to the park, it’s not a shame to go back again.

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