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I saw her/him again the next day at the sessions, but didn't get close enough to read her/his nametag because I was too embarrassed.” b.

Personal obligation could be monetary or simply debts of gratitude.This applies even if you barely recall the “contact” and had a coyote morning (i.e.would rather have chewed off your arm to sneak out of the bed unnoticed than remain there).Since you may discuss information that might be problematic, even if you hardly know the other person, your safest bet is to report any contact you have with a foreigner, rather than worry about the finer shadings of nuance. Personnel do not have to report one-time sexual or otherwise intimate contact with a foreign national if (a) there will be no future contact with the foreign national, and (b) the foreign national does not seek classified or sensitive information, and (c) there is no indication that personnel are the target of actual or attempted exploitation.After all, who can really tell when a generally pleasant attitude towards someone will become a “bond of affection”? However, if it is likely that future social contact with the foreign national will occur - even if the future contact is expected to be in non-close (non-sexual) social settings - the relationship must be reported as close and continuing contact.

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