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I got the feeling that my parents didn’t want to talk about sex because they would change the channel when sex came up on TV.

I thought, The belly button is way too small compared to the size of a baby’s head, so how does it work?

Growing up, my parents never really talked to me about sexuality, so I didn’t know how people have sex, what birth control or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) were or what sexual orientation was.

My idea of sex was based on what I saw on TV—usually a couple on screen would start to kiss, go off into a dark room and get into bed.

When I was five years old and my mother was pregnant with my younger sister, I thought, How did that happen?

I asked my mom where the baby would come out, and she told me that the baby comes out of the belly button.

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I also told her about pregnancy and how birth control like condoms, when used properly, can prevent pregnancy.

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