Sex bot chat with avatar

to create the animated, photorealistic image of a 10-year-old Filipina girl.

A 'puppeteer' for Sweetie would enter a chat room, claiming to be a ten-year-old Philippine girl.

You can spin and touch your avatar where ever you please and she will react.

The coolest part about this app is how the AI learns about you and gets better at interacting with you.

The future looks great, for a first version of “sexy AI” the experience is pretty polished.

In a short time the user is able to create their AI’s avatar, configure her personality, and begin to build a relationship with her through voice and touch.

Sweetie was a computer animated child that was created by children's rights organization Terre des hommes as a sting operation.

It was used to lure online sexual predators into providing personally-identifiable information, so that this information could then be reported to law enforcement agencies.

The body is equally as customizable, you can fine tune your avatars proportions to whatever you like.

The more you interact the better and more fluent the interactions will become.

If nothing else it is a great measuring stick to how fair the technology has progressed, and an encouraging indicator of it’s potential for the future.

Personality Customizing your avatar’s personality is a simple process.

You are assigned 10 persona points to allot between 18 different personality attributes.

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Here’s a screenshot of the home screen: To get started all users need to create their AI’s avatar, basically create your ideal woman.

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