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CAMRA's proposed cuts to overall beer duty and VAT are not included in this calculation, so if these were included the saving would be more.

VAT is currently 20% and is paid by pubs on sales at the till.

CAMRA wants MPs to consider further changes to business rates to make sure pub going remains an ‘affordable activity’.

At present, pubs pay 2.8% of the total amount paid in rates, despite accounting for only 0.5% of total business turnover.

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Brexit could see the price of a pint falling by more than 20p if Britain seizes the opportunity to lift costly EU regulations on pubs, campaigners say.

CAMRA, which has more than 187,000 members, has not stated the exact amount they would like general beer duty and VAT to be reduced to.It is in the EU's interest to reciprocate but if they don't, more fool them.says that the choice for beer drinkers has never been better, as the number of UK breweries has soared to over 1,700.The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) wants duty on draught beers sold in pubs rather than supermarkets to be cut and a smaller bill for lower-strength pints.These measures would currently need the approval of the European Commission, which has not updated its directive on excise duty since 1992.

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