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Porbeagle populations in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres appear to be completely separate.There are two stocks in the North Atlantic, east and west, that seldom mix; only one individual is known to have crossed the Atlantic, covering 4,260 km (2,650 mi) from Ireland to Canada.Vertical movements tended to increase with water depth and corresponding temperature stratification: in shallow, unstratified waters, sharks either showed no pattern in changing depth or made reverse diel movements, spending the day in shallow water and descending at night.In deeper, stratified waters, the sharks performed a regular diel migration, spending the day below the thermocline and rising towards the surface at night.The meat and fins of the porbeagle are highly valued, which has led to a long history of intense human exploitation.However, this species cannot sustain heavy fishing pressure due to its low reproductive capacity.

This species segregates by size and sex in the North Atlantic, and at least by size in the South Pacific.Bonnaterre named the shark Squalus nasus, the specific epithet nasus being Latin for "nose".Several phylogenetic studies, based on morphological characters and mitochondrial DNA sequences, have established the sister species relationship between the porbeagle and the salmon shark (L. When its two extant species diverged from each other is uncertain, though the precipitating event was likely the formation of the ice cap over the Arctic Ocean, which would have isolated sharks in the North Pacific from those in the North Atlantic.However, Lamna teeth that closely resemble those of the porbeagle have been found in the La Meseta Formation on Seymour Island off the Antarctic Peninsula, which date to the middle to late Eocene epoch (50–34 Ma).There is much taxonomic confusion regarding Lamna in the fossil record due to the high degree of variability in adult tooth morphology within species.

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Fossilized porbeagle remains are known from Late Miocene epoch (c.

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