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In the middle of the conversation one of her orbiters came by, scuffed her hair and started dancing like a clown. One girl I had been eyeing made her way to the bar. I felt like a stalker because I would see a girl I wanted but have to patiently wait for an opportunity when her orbiters took a break. She was extremely receptive, saying that she has never talked to an American before. Just put a towel down and have fun.” “Wow, okay, maybe we can do it.

She later told me, “He’s been in love with me for three years. I stood behind her and when she finished her order I approached. I did a little compliance test by asking her to come with me several feet away to the bar. But usually it’s something I do with a boyfriend.” “I don’t judge girls for being on their period.” I didn’t show excitement or try to convince her further.

Sex berör oss alla, hela livet, i alla dimensioner; fysiskt, psykiskt, socialt och existentiellt. On Saturday night, in a moment of fatigue and apathy, I was ready to give up the flag hunt. I changed my clothes and went to a bar near my apartment called Sticky Fingers, a hipster spot with mediocre girls but great logistics. The day approaches told me that Swedish girls like American guys, so it was just a matter of putting in the approaches, but I didn’t even care for banging a Swedish girl except for the damn flag, an artificial game I’ve implemented in my life to justify chasing women with the same energy as in my early 20s. But my internet was so slow that I wouldn’t have had much to do.My first approach was on a girl who looked Spanish. I had to wait a long time before doing another approach. “Hey I have to go find my other friend,” she said, “but take my number! We talked for ten minutes but she didn’t ask me a single question, not even where I was from, then eventually left. There was no approachable girl so I decided maybe I could win some money in blackjack. Even though I had done only four approaches, I had been at the bar for three hours. She told me she wanted to dance, but I didn’t feel like dancing. We got into a chat that, had it been a year earlier, I would have easily blown. That won’t happen anymore.” I wanted to crush her, but we were at the touching stage and getting ready to kiss. I understood where the line was in offending Scandinavian girls, and I’m happy to say that in Sweden I didn’t get into any serious battles. Out of the blue she said, “But we can’t have sex, I’m on my period.” Without hesitating, I replied, “I don’t care, I’ll drink the blood.” I’ve somehow become a magnet for menstruating women. The previous two girls I banged were on their period so the routine was fresh on my mind: “When you get to my age, a little blood doesn’t get in the way of intimacy with someone.I waited for her beta orbiters to get distracted before I could make a move. Swedish girls love America so I leveraged that by bringing up all the classics: Mc Donald’s, Starbucks, i Phones, pizza, and so on. There were girls around but they were safely ensconced in their circle or dancing like retards. I let her dance for two minutes then I went back to her and said, “You want to come with me to the bar? She said, “I wonder if I’m going to be 50 and have regrets about not having kids at a younger age.” She was 27. In Denmark I would have gone nuclear, but that’s part of the reason why my time there was so shitty. I find it strange that guys are bothered by it when it’s a natural human thing that doesn’t really interfere with anything.

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  1. Lee says he mentored Damien and the two have an agreement in which Lee allows Damien to use some of his unique and original acts, “sort of like lending a comedian a joke,” Lee says.