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You saw the world of fact and fiction truly blend together. We have quotes in there where, for the sex bracelet story, Matt Lauer is giving commentary saying he's locking up his daughter until she's 20-something because of the stuff that's going on with kids today.

We have a quote from Montel Williams where he references the sex bracelet story and someone in his audience says, "I don't think that's going on where I live," and he responds, "That's a lie!

" So even another reporter ends up citing Oprah as a fact-checker on rainbow parties being real.

Did you find any evidence to suggest that rainbow parties were real?

The majority of sex trafficking victims in our country are young, Canadian girls. The Toronto Police has increased its focus on the crime.

Often described as a modern form of slavery, trafficking is the control and use of threats or violence to exploit another for financial gain.

Sex trafficking throughout Canada is a growing public issue.

After all, we've long since moved on to fretting about the corrupting influence of Miley Cyrus' twerking behind.

But that just goes to show how quickly we cycle through panics about teens and sex.

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