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Many backyard flock owners wonder: “When my baby chicks grow up, will they be boys or girls, roosters or hens, lay eggs to eat or crow endlessly in the early morning hours?” Regulations against owning roosters within city limits may exist in some of the larger cities.This is possible when using what is called sex-linked color traits.Mating barred hens (black and white striped feathers) with non-barred males results in barred males and nonbarred female chicks.A second method is to observe the shape of an egg to determine the sex of the potential young chick to be hatched.

In babies, it can be difficult to tell sexes apart due to the small size. You no longer need a Paypal account and can pay by a number of different methods. These animals are an entirely different species and need to be treated as such, they cannot survive in the wild.If you're desperate to name the little scrap then choose something that can be modified genderwise. It is illegal to throw a pet hog out into the wild.Somewhere around this area is a very large, very masculine hog going by the name of Rosie. The picture below is courtesy of the wonderful Wildlife Information site and if you want more in depth information on Hedgehog biology, I suggest you take a visit to that page. In a recent meeting it was mentioned that birds might be similar to reptiles in that the temperature in which the eggs are incubated largely determines the sex of the developing chick.Imagine if this were true, how valuable this would be to the poultry industry!

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Most hogs aren't going to let you turn them on their back to get a good look at what's under there.

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