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If your spouse or significant other is trying to test your fidelity in an unscrupulous manner, they may resort to creating a false profile using an attractive profile picture to entice you into becoming their friend so that they can further test you by trying to get you to respond to their suggestive posts or chats.They could record this information with the intent of using it against you later.You may think that they are gone and out of your circle of Facebook friends, but they may try to find their way back in by creating a false profile and befriending you using their new alias.This allows them to keep up with what you are up to without you knowing that it's them on the other side of the screen.They may send out random friend requests to huge numbers of people before they find a willing victim.If a relationship ends badly, you may end up unfriending that person.Fictitious profiles may have an extremely small, or possibly a large number of friends on their friend's list. They have likely spent very little effort on setting up the fake profile, or they have 'shotgunned' a ton of friend requests out and received a ton of responses.

You may also get requests from attackers that post malicious links to malware or phishing sites which may end up in your Facebook newsfeed after you accept their friend request.

Did some gorgeous model just send you a friend request?

You search your memory but just can't seem to remember the person trying to add you as their friend.

There are several clues that the friend request you received might not be genuine.

Here are five questions you should ask yourself to help determine if the friend request might be from a fake profile: Although obvious, this is the first clue.

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You likely won't see a lot of day-to-day activity on a fake profile because of the effort required to generate 'real' content.

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