Shy girl dating outgoing guy

If he or she starts engaging in the conversation, you’ll know it’s a good sign.If the other person starts redirecting the conversation back to studying, you might get the sense that he or she isn’t interested, but you won’t have to deal with outright rejection.It’s not always easy to get a guy’s attention, but everyone enjoys being asked for help and getting complimented on their abilities.Maybe you missed a lecture and need to borrow some notes, or maybe you forgot to bring a pencil to class.

Offer your lecture notes for the next class and suggest studying together, and , you could have a great way of keeping in touch!” “Eye contact should be done all the time,” De Alto says.Instead of cutting off a conversation by responding with “good” every time someone asks how you are, try adding an interesting detail such as a great movie you just watched or plans you have for the weekend to spur a continuing conversation.Smiling, looking directly at your crush when speaking and not being distracted by other things in the room will show him that you’re interested in what he’s saying even if you don’t tell him directly.Even if you’re self-conscious, no one else will notice as long as you don’t bring attention to it.

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” However, while it’s good to share mutual interests with someone, it won’t help if you pretend to like activities just to keep the conversation going or seem impressive.

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