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More details on all of this as well as detailed instructions on how to move will be provided in email, in-game mail as well as website and forums in the months to come.So as you can see it will be a very busy few months. While I'm impressed by the content, I honestly think that it needs the old professional format to give it that extra bit of excitement and officialism.Our major content initiatives for the remainder of the year are: In addition to our new content, we are kicking off a series of major service upgrades for The Lord of the Rings Online which should be completed by end of September of 2015. You will have 3 months past the date of the launch of the new service in which to continue playing on the smaller worlds while planning and or making your move to a larger server.After that point your characters will always be available to be transferred to one of the remaining worlds, however you will only be able to log in to the remaining servers.At other times I have to click the "x" for the broken graphic for it to display. It's difficult for me to troubleshoot since the problem is equally intermittent regardless of non-GL site concerned.FYI: Here is the code created by the Signature Generator applet for my current signature banner: Sig URL: Guild Launch Forum Signature: BBCode: [url= O.png[/img][/url] HTML: O.png" border="0" TESG Auldjohn Profile link for guest invites: This package contains some gedit improvements to make it more similar to Text Mate.The package contain code snippets, plugins, and an automatic registration of rails-related files.

LOTRO is about to get one map smaller, what a lousy thing to do to its remaining fans. There are a couple of sweet backgrounds right now and more are on the way so keep your eye's peeled.Along with the release of lotro sigs, we also make some infrastructural tweaks to sigs in general.gl_user=3342498 NOTE: If this support request should be directed to siglaunch, please send me their URL or e-mail address.FYI: Overall I have been very impressed and pleased with Guild Launch and my experience with our The Elder Sages Guild GL site!

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