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As we got closer to shooting though it became clear that we were going to be going pretty strictly off the script. The idea of filming in Colombia was appealing and I enjoyed working with a crew that was primarily from Ontario because that’s where I grew up.

It was surreal to be so far from home yet there was this feeling of being at home on set.

I think it being my first film gave the whole experience a sort of rush.

I loved the entire atmosphere and group of people who worked on this movie too.

I’ve never been a photographer at a destination wedding but when I was starting out in stand-up I did a lot of undesirable gigs so I could relate to that struggle.

I tried to play it as close to my own emotions and self as possible because that felt like the only way I could do it.

Then we met with Luke and went through the whole script together.It ended up being one of the best and most fun experiences of my life.Q: What was a memorable moment working on the film?Q: Without any acting experience, how do you approach building a character?How was it working with Pavan to build your respective characters?

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When we were rehearsing, Nick would be reading the scene off of his cracked i Phone and I was thinking, “Oh boy, I don’t know how this is going to go.” Then Pavan would call “action” and Nick would nail it, while Luke and I struggled to keep a straight face.

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