Speed dating events in bedfordshire

Tropi Kava has a BYOB policy so bring a bottle of wine if you wish and step inside this hidden gem to have a soothing night of great conversation and a new experience. Ditch the traditional date, get your harness on and conquer your mountain. Enjoy a cocktail, a cold beer or pour a glass of wine, grab a paintbrush and let your inner Van Gogh come out as you and your date sip your favorite libation and paint all night.

Test your dates heart, mind and body in this beautifully sculpted and massive 25,000 sq. This date offers a chance to not only get some exercise in, but a fun and unique way to get to know your date and how they think. This date is another great and light-hearted way to break the ice while doing something fun and different.

Take your date on a relaxing and truly unique experience as you take a sip of all natural, delicious juice mixed with a special ingredient called Kava.

When mixed properly, the result is a relaxing and euphoric drink that elevates the senses and has a number of wonderful health benefits like reducing stress and mental focus.

You’ll begin the evening mingling with sophisticated singles while you enjoy a tantalizing cocktail to melt away the day.Break the ice in a relaxed environment and start exploring who lights your fire.Once you’ve worked the room, you’ll take a seat on the plush, lounge sofas alongside your first date.We are a voluntary group and we hold events about once or twice a month.The age range of the group is mainly over 30 and there is a healthy mix of men and women.

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So whether you work together or race to the top, this date will definitely be one that'll make you stand out. Capture the romance of the night in a beautiful canvas and take home more than just a painted frame, take home a unique first date experience. When you bring a friend or two, we give you a 20% discount.

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