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Going to Sri Lanka to do journalism was also an unforgettable learning experience.

on the net and you won't have a problem finding whatever you're after as it has tons of hot various categories.He also said the IGP would be taking legal action against the website for distorting and publishing the visuals in a defamatory and malicious manner.Journalist: Why did the IGP attack a lift operators without any provocation? Social media websites act in a malicious manner with vengeance.Sure, the infrastructure, biodiversity and weather was pretty comparable, but that’s where the similarities ended.Sri Lanka showed me that, on a global scale, no matter how similar two places seem in surface ways, it’s the culture and the people that ultimately define them.

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For me, possibly the biggest challenge of this trip was feeling like we were invading people’s lives with our fancy cameras, tripods and recorders to take a quick slice of their personal experiences — especially the negative ones — before leaving. Actually living with the people we were writing about and getting to know them firsthand made this trip feel like more than just a portfolio piece or résumé addition.

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