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Several other languages are available and they might be used instead.

In Lab VIEW, applications called virtual instruments (VI) can be written which provides signal processing to control your hardware.

Then a new HTML document is created and sent back to the Web browser.

This HTML document can inform the user and provide new command opportunities: Depending on the set up several server software packages can run on the server computer.

Second the software is setup as an additional HTTP server on the server computer.In figure 4 an example is shown where Lab VIEW HTTP server using the TCP/IP port 80 and Webcam HTTP server using TCP/IP port 81 are both running on the server computer.The number of server software packages running on the server (the complexity of the system) can be hidden to the end user.In addition, the Internet developer toolkit is used.This add-on for Lab VIEW is an HTTP/1.0 compatible server for making HTML and other documents available on the internet and for connecting VIs to the World Wide Web.

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The telescope can be moved into the four sky directions, directed to a particular object from a database, or sent to particular coordinates.

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