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It’s the best place for lesbian and bi-curious women to meet for friendship, dating or relationships.

Vetpro Photo of the Month for September, Here's Tanaya's great photo titled "Secrets and Violet", her Standardbred mare, Secrets, and rescue kitty, Violet, who like to have a chat every evening at feed time.

Along with clearing inactive members, we also raise requirements and go through gear checks when we switch clan chats to ensure that everyone has the mandatory requirements.- * 126 Combat *-99 Attack/Strength/Defence/Hitpoints-99 Magic with Lunar Diplomacy completed.-99 Range-99 Prayer with Piety unlocked-70 Agility-Barrows Gloves-Fire Cape-Dragon Defender-Bandos Chestplate & Tassets-Karil's Leathertop-Full Elite Void Knight Robes with both Range and Melee helms-Guthans armor set-Berserker Ring imbued-Amulet of Torture-Serpentine helm-Dragon Warhammer-Abyssal Tentacle whip-Zamorakian Spear or Hasta-Primordial Boots-Rune Pouch-Rigour and Augury Runescape Name: Combat Level: Current Gear -Do you have all item requirements like fire cape,barrow gloves, etc? If yes, please elaborate: Do you meet the requirements posted as of now? As mentioned on this thread, inactivity sweeps are done every 2-3 months, which at that point, you may repost your gearcheck to be ranked in the clanchat.

Keep the compliments coming when you wear these dazzling diamond stud earrings.

Beautifully crafted in sleek sterling silver, each earring features a shimmering diamond accent center stone.

Unlike other chatlines, The System allows men and women to connect as whichever sex they identify with.

First time callers — male, female and transgender — get a free trial.

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