Taiwanese dating etiquette

By the time I’d finished the pot, I’d formulated a mission.

I’d fly to China to meet Liu, the man who, I was told, had grown this extraordinary tea.

He met me at the airport, then drove a long way up a narrow road to a restaurant that resembled a south Texas barbecue shack.

There were rickety wooden sheds connected by planks in the overgrown grass, not your usual setting for a Rabelaisian feast. We had venison with celery root, tiny river shrimp stir-fried with chives, duck soup with ginger, bowls of shimmering noodles. I kept expecting to see a pot materialize, as at every Chinese restaurant back home, but it never did.

There’s loose tea, tea bags made of silk and shaped like pyramids, teas that look like they came off the set of . Specialty websites flourish, selling esoteric varieties to a coterie of devotees.

A flurry of new brands has appeared on grocery shelves, bearing designations such as organic, fair-trade, and single-source.

Liu’s daughter, who was serving as my interpreter, didn’t even inquire.In Wuyishan, tea is not served after meals at restaurants but at special teahouses, and we were miles down a dark road from nowhere.“You’ll have some tomorrow,” she said with a smile.There were tea shops on every block, sometimes four or five in a row.Large metal teapots sat atop buildings, announcing them as tea factories.

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