Teachers intimidating students

But for gods' sakes put a reamer through the education departments and "system" first, to root out all of the under-achievers who will otherwise crush the spirit of the new wave, and with them the heavy bureaucratic overburden.

I also realise that teenage girls have very creative imaginations which can lead to problems for the few remaining young male teachers, but I've also counselled young blokes / pre-service male teachers for stupidly exchanging Facebook and mobile details with senior girls.Editor : Doesn't it seem odd that Greg Newham's Navy mates have published this wonderful memorial page for him, but there is no Queensland Teacher's Union or Queensland Department of Education memorial page?Teachers often begin work at 7.30am, and some do not go home till like 6 or 7pm, after being abused all day, losing their voice from screaming at unruly kids and trying to teach all different learning abilities!!The sense of angst emanating from (the Queensland Education Department Head Office in) Mary St has now reached fever pitch, with the hierarchy making impossible demands down the chain, until it hits the classroom teacher.Queensland teachers are being asked to service an exciting and conceptually innovative 'new motor car' (the new Australian curriculum) without a 'service manual' or expert training from the 'manufacturer'.

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