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When another MP shoots a corpse in a brothel, the delicate balance between the military police, South Vietnamese gangsters and the Viet Cong is upset.

Written with a brilliant, concise wit and brutal, uncompromising insight, R&R is a startlingly original portrait of men and war in the twilight zone behind the front, a searing study of the violence that we do to others, and ourselves. I'll admit when I came to this Vietnam War story about two Military Police - one a seen-it-all hard-drinking womanising American, and one a naïve but very tall Australian with reservations: I didn't fancy being immersed in that macho violent brutal crude world.

Dapin impresses with the understated authority of his storytelling.' Daily Telegraph, UK Prologue Monsoon rain fell like bullets into the ground where Nguyen Van Tran lay, in a US Army PX box lightly buried under the buffalo-coloured soil.

The afternoon storm bore deep into the hillside, digging at the earth that hid his casket from the clouds.

In Nashville and Shorty he's created two memorable characters: an unlikely couple defined by physical and psychological contrasts that suggest they may become enemies.

Instead, the very opposite happens and the story of their growing effect on each other unfolds in scenes that are taut and explosive with occasional moments of gentler comedy that allow you to regroup before the next skirmish - there's a dinner seduction scene which Nashville orchestrates when Shorty takes his nurse girlfriend on a date that he pulls off with surprising delicacy (this is not a book full of subtlety) and good natured fun, creating an oasis of innocence in a narrative that is otherwise steeped in sleaze.

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